Plastic Bonsai Pots Fly in the Air

Plastic Bonsai Pots Fly in the Air

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What is floating rose flowers artificial ?

The air pot plants uses the power of magnets to repel the plant away from its base, allowing it to levitate. The magnets are powerful enough to repel the plant two whole centi meters above the base.

However, the plant can’t get too big — the creators indicate that the plant’s weight shouldn’t exceed 400 grams if you want the floating mechanism to work properly. Otherwise, you’ll have to transplant

it to a non-floating pot. The plant can be housed in a moss ball grown around a sponge bowl for support, or lava stone pot.

Model NO.  M005B-9 Rose flowers artificial architecture 
 Base size  170×170×37mm no LED on the base
 Magnet size  62(D) ×16mm (H)
 Levitation gap  15-20mm
 Weight endurance  0-400gram
 AC Adapter  DC Output 15V, 1800mA
 Packing:  1 pc/ box :22.5X15.6X22.5cm
 Payment terms 

 Sample: 100% paid before production.
 Mass order: 30% deposit before production

 70% balance paid one week before shipment.